Amit Chougule

MAF Ramadan Campaign

SHARE A PART OF YOU MAJID AL FUTTAIM RAMADAN CAMPAIGN During Ramadan, a donation becomes even more meaningful if it’s something that’s dear to you. Through the ‘Share A Part Of You’ campaign, we encouraged people to share their favourite stuff so that they enrich someone’s life by giving the same joy and experience.  

09 Peugeot 3008

PEUGEOT 3008 LAUNCH CAMPAIGN Launch campaign for the Peugeot 3008

08 Treva Food Products

TREVA FOOD PRODUCTS Treva Foods was launching Treva Smart, an app to buy products, share recipes, and do much more.So, we positioned it as the Smart Ingredient that makes lives easier for its customers.

07 Nissan Genuine Spares

NISSAN GENUINE SPARES To promote the use of genuine spares and highlight the hazards of fakes, wecreated this series of safety signs.

06 The Autotrust Guarantee

THE AUTOTRUST GUARANTEE FILMS When people don’t get what they want, that’s when they realise the importance of things being guaranteed in life.Through humorous everyday situations, these films showcase people’s disappointment at the simplest of things not going their way.But with Autotrust, they are guaranteed to get all the features and benefits.

05 L’azurde Diamonds

L’AZURDE DIAMOND COLLECTION It all began as a fun challenge, really. I came up with these lines when the client dared us to advertise their brand without showing blingy jewellery and/or excessively retouched images of women.

04 Make Precious Moments Together

MAKE PRECIOUS MOMENTS TOGETHER MIDEA RAMADAN CAMPAIGN Ramadan is all about spending quality time with loved ones.Whether it’s catching up about the day or preparing an elaborate Iftar, every moment becomes special when it’s spent with friends and family.This film showcases how Midea appliances make lives easier, bringing to life the campaign thought – Make […]

03 Home is Theatre

HOME IS THEATRE THE HOME The Home wanted to talk about their comprehensive home theatre setup services. We struck upon an insight that when it comes to enjoying movies, people want all of the theatre experience but none of the hassles that come with it. This led to our campaign showcasing how they could set […]

02 Sushi Library

SUSHI LIBRARY LAUNCH CAMPAIGN The task of launching a brand with ‘Library’ in its name seemed daunting at first. Pretty soon, we found the solution in the name itself. By highlighting the components of books/library and other Japanese elements, we launched Sushi Library through these creatives.

01 Good Sweat v/s Bad Sweat

GOOD SWEAT v/s BAD SWEAT NISSAN To highlight the importance of car AC check-up in summer, we created short, mobile-friendly films showcasing the difference between good sweat and bad sweat. Starting off by showing people sweating in acceptable situations, the film transitions into people sweating in a car, which is not cool.These films were supported […]